Pancake Day at Halo


Happy Pancake Day to our wonderful clients! In true pancake spirit, we've had a whip around the team in the salon today to ask what their favourite pancake filling is. Bar the odd few, I think the survey shows the lack of imagination our team have when it comes to pancakes. Luckily, however, their imagination in life seems only limited to their confectonary toppings! Thank goodness for that.

LOUISE Lemon and Sugar

LUCY Lemon and Sugar or Nutella 

STEPH Lemon and sugar

GEORGIE Lemon and Sugar

EMMA Lemon and Sugar

OLIVIA Chocolate sauce & sprinkles

CHRISTINE Nutella & Banana or strawberries

JODIE Peanut butter and Vanilla ice cream

JADE Lemon and Sugar


... then again, lemon and sugar is the best, right? A true classic. 

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