Leading With Passion, Commitment and Education

Halo opened its doors in November, 2010 and has since grown to become a recognised name for tailored experiences in the hair and beauty industry. With the hair team led by multi-award winning and UK Ambassador of the Italian hair brand Sens.us, Jude Rizzo, and the highly experienced beauty team led by Louise Berry, Halo has built an experienced team to lead with passion, skill and commitment.

Halo provides a tailored experience to its clients, offering and achieving perfection in its craft.

Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff

Part of The Hamlet Court Road Tapestry

The turn of the Edwardian Era saw a growth in coastal leisure trips. As families took to the beach for a weekend out of the City, Hamlet Court Road was positioned as Westcliff-On-Sea's shopping and Leisure backbone. With a thriving business community, Hamlet Court Road continues to prosper and Halo is proud to be part of this exciting and growth community of independent retailers, restaurants and eateries. 


The Best, Handpicked.

At  Halo, we handpick the best and most suitable products to enhance our services. Each product we select must satisfy our high standards of simplicity, from hair and beauty products to the finest snacks sourced from local Essex farmers, the experience at Halo is perfected simplicity.


Reimagining hair product

At Halo, we are proud to support and promote the Eufora hair product range. Developed by the founding family since 1997, Eufora are leaders in the promotion of sustainable manufacturing and ingredient selection, ensuring award-winning products with natural enhancing effects. Utilising organic aloe, along with 75 natural plant extracts and essential oils, Eufora are the natural producers of hair treatments and Halo are proud to call them, and their founders, our friends. 

Natural, pure and clean: the Halo way

At Halo, we work with the Institute of Antiaging, an internationally recognised brand, know for their natural and pure products to aid the skin and body. From your free consultation, our therapists, lead by Louise Berry, will tailor the most appropriate regime for your beautiful skin and body.


Relax and revitalise yourself

Whether you simply wish to sit, be with your own thoughts and relax or choose to talk about your day, the Halo team have you covered. We love people, we love stories. Just as much as we love to hear about you, we are also very good at being quiet. Whatever you want, the Halo experience is relaxation tailored for you. You won't even have to ask... we'll just know.

It's Not Just Toast And Tea

When you experience Halo, you must try our jam on toast. Put simply, it is just toast and tea, but it's beautiful, hand baked bread from our local bakers, collected warm every morning served with Tiptree jam - a world renowned farm only 50 minutes drive from our door. All accompanied with a perfect cuppa brewed by an English hand.

It's sublime English produce, it's comforting, it's recognisable... and best of all, it's easy to eat when you're sitting in a salon chair.