Halo Question Time: Louise Berry

Louise Berry, Halo

The Halo Question Time chair is back and this week, leader of the Halo Beauty Team, Louise Berry, is in the hot seat! Louise, fire away!

How did you find yourself among the Halo Angels? 

Jude and I got together and created Halo Hair and Beauty after 15 years of friendship… and it's still going strong!

What can you remember of your first day at Halo? 

The excitement of embarking on our new adventure.

What has been an invaluable piece of information or guidance you have received or passed on?

Keep your work-life balance in check and love what you do.

Halo is a busy salon but it also looks great fun. How do you balance your work with play? 

By trying to be totally organised!

What has been your most favourite event you’ve attended since working at halo?

Going to Italy and supporting Jude with her competitions.

What do you love most about your job? 

Making clients feel special…. and the girls I work with.

Complete this sentence: Halo is…

...an amazing and a fun place to work.

Can you share a Secret Halo tip… 

Dermalogica's products are perfect as they have no limits. No one has one skin type. Dermalogica's products can be mixed to make the perfect tailored product. 


Louise, you're clearly the beauty guru behind your clients glowing complexions and their smiling faces. Join us next Sunday as we'll be putting another fellow Halo angel in the Question Time chair. Who would you like it to be? Let us on Facebook.

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