Halo Question Time: Emma Undrill

It's Sunday, which means the Question Time chair is back. This week, the wonderfully happy and energetic Emma is in the hot seat!

How did you find yourself among the Halo Angels? 

I applied for an apprenticeship when I was 16 and have been here ever since. 

What can you remember of your first day at Halo?

Being really nervous at the start but everyone was really friendly and showed me around.

What has been an invaluable piece of information or guidance you have received or passed on?

You have to work for what you achieve. Be in a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Halo is a busy salon but it also looks great fun. How do you balance your work with play?

Everyone is like a family to me here, so it really never feels like a day at work. We all have great fun and there's a lot of laughter.

What has been your most favourite event you’ve attended since working at Halo?

The Italy Sensus Colour Trip! Jut the best experience! 

What do you love most about your job?

The training Halo offers is the best.

Complete this sentence: Halo is…

a family.

Can you share a secret Halo tip?

The wet brush! It's great for any hair type to untangle hair and feels s nice on the scalp.

Thank you, Emma, for your answers, tips and advice. It's certainly not surprising but Halo really does seem like the best place to work in the world! 

Emma, All HairHalo